How to Hack Someone’s Twitter Account

How to Hack Someone’s Twitter Account

All sites that require username and password logins, have a backend system that keeps the user identities safe and secure. But like all applications, even these systems have loopholes and gaps that can potentially be compromised. It is estimated that over 20% of Twitter users have compromised twitter accounts. Their passwords have already been hacked but they don’t know it and continue to use the same passwords, falsely secure in their misinformed knowledge that their accounts are private.

Twitter accounts are hacked for various reasons. Many types of people do it. It can be a father hacking into the son’s account, to find out if he in a bad neighborhood or it could be a corporate organization hacking into the competitor’s account to find out how they run their business. There is no foolproof way to safeguard any password from the online hacking tools but users can definitely make life tough for hackers by creating complex and strong passwords. That said, it must also be said that there are fast and highly complex programs that can decipher any kind of password in a matter of minutes. Here’s how the twitter accounts get hacked.

There are numerous online hacker tools that are free to use. These tools can analyze the twitter user URL and try to get the password stored in the backend of the twitter servers. Twitter like all major social network sites, has a very strong backend engine. This backend system not only secures the user details but also does the work of handling millions of logins from users, at any given point of time. The online hacker tools get access to this backend server and monitor the login attempts made by the person who is under scrutiny.

When the person tries to login by feeding in the password, the hacker tool records the password and voila, the account is hacked. When explained, this process might sound simple but there are many complex things that the hacker tools do before hacking an account. For starters, it takes a lot of stealth and programming complexity, to fool the powerful backend server of Twitter. After that, the hacker tool needs to reside on the backend server undetected, till the time the user logs in. All of this takes complex programming and surprisingly enough, there are many such hacker programs in the market that are free to use – in spite of its complexity.

The other way that a twitter account can be hacked is by password deciphering. There are some online tools that do not get onto the backend servers at all, they just try to get the user passwords by permutation/combination methods. The trial and error method of finding out passwords is not too effective because the user account can get locked out after a few attempts of wrong passwords. To overcome this, these programs, wait for some time before trying out their combinations. They can easily decipher simple passwords but fail on complex ones. If you want to safeguard your twitter passwords and accounts, you will not only need to create complex passwords, you must also take your own precautions while logging into your twitter accounts. Don’t trust the security of twitter, use a separate program on your desktop to mask your passwords.

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